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2013 may be the end of Flash sites, but not the technology


In 1996, Flash (FutureSplash) blasted into the web  with its great overwhelming response and its looked magical . In an era of GeoCities and animated GIFs, it was ulitmately  groundbreaking.

People welcomed flash like it was the next big technology for its coll animation and easy to do job, 

 This project combined animated media with vector graphics to create an alternative for Java developers on the web

The released of Flash 4 in 1999 included an  scripting language. Developers could target graphics on the screen and call functions to animate them throughout different frames.


 By now Flash Player was already somewhat popular and growing very quickl

Stick man animation  and flash based celebrity mock gif were rolling out every wear


Possibly the most famous product  of Flash Player was YouTube who launched in February 2005. Every video uploaded to the website was converted on the backend into an FLV and passed into a Flash video player   

In 2005 is also the same year Macromedia was purchased by Adobe Systems


Flash got a chance to join the creative suite family 

and this was phenomena where it was bundled with all the major browsers for more than a decade 


Things were going fine for the company until when 

People found it takes more time to load 

 It difficult to optimize for search engine ( In fact, some search engines cannot read any text that is created with Flash. As a result, using flash may result in a decrease in search engine ranking because the search engine spiders will not be able to crawl over the essential keywords that have been written in Flash)

Flash was bad for mobile browsing ( this dint affect in much in the era  were no hard core mobile user )

Ok the company said it has an alternative and yes it created a quite a good some of developers which were not ready to let it go

The results came in number 


But a good amount of people did use this , since it was easy to develop and out put  looks really cool

some were very angry and blogged randomly about ” Flash don’t deserve this status”

So someone has to spot this sheep, and push them to the state where they belong,

but not just a random blogger  could do this 

it requires a man who has a great followings and trust 


Then, in early 2010, Apple announced the iPad. It didn’t have Flash either, and Steve Jobs made it clear they had no intention of ever bringing Flash to the iPad or iPhone. Suddenly, creating a Flash-based website not only meant that it wouldn’t work on a popular smartphone, it also wouldn’t work with the world’s most popular tablet


Jobs had two stated reasons for the shift. He said Flash was a crash-prone resource hog and that it wasn’t an open standard then there was another guy who , started hurting half dead snake


Apple couldn’t have killed Flash if HTML 5 hadn’t recently been adopted by major browsers. HTML 5 offers alternatives to most of the key features of Flash. And no one controls it the way Adobe controls Flash. Since no software company wants to build its products on a standard it doesn’t control, every company other than Adobe has a natural incentive to adopt HTML 5 over Flash.


people may tell apple has nothing to do flash share 

Yet the rise of the iPad was a major factor in the decline of another proprietary standard, Flash


if apple has ditched flash for its own alternative like what micrsoft has done with silver light then, people would have gone for it,

Yet the genius jobs choose the open platform html

But for past two year flash has been subjected to too much criticism


the the bad news 

"html 5 started supporting youtube streaming or vice versa  "

Major browser become html compatible

mobile devices started selling like fruits and vegetables  

i just feel what how flash did not deserve the top spot is right the same way its doesn’t deserve to be over dumped

ok agreed its bad for mobile and seo killer , people lost trust in flash but 

common we have been using this technology in our browser and we loved the way youtube streamed the videos 

Let’s not forget that Flash  isn’t developed strictly for the Web, either. It’s quite robust—aside from Projector files and Adobe Air apps, Flash is even used for things like console game interfaces and even more interesting things like this application for the US military 

Its just flash took over advantage in the wrong medium 

Actionscript development is still heavily influencing web games, animated websites, and other copy-protected dynamic content. The Flash browser plugin is also a staple install for new PCs and Macs alike. It’s hard to believe that Flash will ever completely phase out of existence unless some other better technology can take its place

We have to understand that we did love the part of flash website where it was more interactive and site visitor did enjoy its just its not in the right medium .

The era of lash websites might be over but the flash as an technology still has a good ride to go for a at least for quite some years until a very good replacement come in forward