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All about UBUNTU Mobile os and Its UI

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Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth announced mobile and tablet os version of Ubuntu. Though the company at the beginning of 2012 released Ubuntu for Android , a desktop experience service  for  Android mobiles  , this is one of the major release for Canonical in mobile platform .


This has already attracted many Linux fans to use the apps 


Mark Shuttleworth quoted that there has been no single  platform for mobile , tab, desktop and TV, and we are forced to use different proucts  which makes us wandering



Ubuntu has stepped into a world where you could use single spherical for all your day to day tech needs , this should surely alarm its new rivals , Million cheers  to what they are trying to do 


WHATS News  about this ubuntu mobile OS UI

When Mark Shuttleworth started the video presentation he called the GUI 

“you’re in control of the controls”

"strikingly different"

we all know making cool trailer with awesome animation isn’t difficult , but what we here form UBUNTU booth @ CSE 2013 is that the mobile is 

  • Entirely gesture-controlled
  • No welcome home screen or lock screen 
  • No buttons 
  • Every edge of the screen has an functionality 

You don’t find much of difference in GUI between desktop and mobile VERSIONS


by the CES 2013 booth videos its clear that the speed and fluidity of the navigation is amazingly cool , it seems no version of android is so smooth in the demo piece galaxy nexus


This mobile OS has clean UX though its new , there are some feature which the android hasn’t done like 

  • The top bar of the OS has several icons across it, offering a quick look  into apps  like battery life and of course your messages, means if your are playing a game and you want look at battery , you dont have to quit? pause the game or apps all you have to do is swipe below form the top 
  • There’s also a swipe to access launcher with apps that the user determines
  • Repeat swipes will continue to take you back in time until you have exhausted the list of apps
  • If you swipe from right-to-left in Ubuntu, you are taken to the last app you were using
  • Settings for every app are available by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, (i find this getting inspired from critically acclaimed widows 8 setting )


There is a search box at the top which will get you all information what you search in the mobile and in the internet , and it’s AI


i am not a UNIX or UBUNTU fan , i am sure this UI and UX product is inspired from Android, a little of BB and WP8 and web OS , but thery have bettered whats available and great thing for a first time release

Take in the case  of notification, its adopted from adroid and it has been improced dramatically, 


its clear that Canonical were playing a safer game by watching the industry people closer, it took android hips  and struggle to reach this far what this open source company has achieved just by doing a watching game 

Color pallets used 


  • #DD4814
  • #000000
  • #77216F
  • #5E2750
  • #2C001E
  • #AEA79F
  •  #333333
  • #772953

Naturally  UBUNTU color pallets 

so whats the expected horoscope of ubuntu  we think in next year and what audience it should focus 

Already there is a tight war between ios and anroid and with more than 800,000 apps for both of them and such a following , unbutu has no chance to expect miracles over night 

and ubutu os is possible in all any android phones 

But there are 8 million UBUNTU user who are using either android or WP phone 


sure penquin guys are going to eat some of these users if it has good partnership with hard ware companies , developers , distributors 

who else is gonna buy UBUNTU MOBILE 

  • Hard core mobile user who like to customize their mobile more often 
  • People who like to stand out and stay unique 
  • people who admires same platform for all gadgets 

If marketed well and everything goes well for the company this rock start penguin will  attract some windows 8 user (who uses for its uniqueness ) and android customers (who have linux running systems) and if any good apps for business people delivered some BB os fans possible  and end up in 2013 getting 4 place  in mobile market 


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