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Skeuomorphism in UI Design, raise and fall

Skeuomorphs in UI design refer to interface elements that retain obsoleted visual or behavioral aspects of the physical objects they are based on.

For example if you are designing a wallet interface or apps , including elements of wallet in real world such as leather and steel buttons 


this above icon design by Andrew Korytsev is one of the best example for Skeuomorphism , including real world element as well as things that convay the apps 

apple is famous for its Skeuomorphism 


This isn’t just limited to user interface design; In the physical world, we find them all around us too


76 Synthesizer by Jonas Eriksson 

Creating  a Skeuomorphism designer needs the following qualities 

becoming aware of the details of everyday objects you come across, like textures, reflection of light around the edges of an object etc., taking note on each and every details you see around .

- being aware of how light affects what you see. An object could look completely different with introductions or removal of small light 

- learning techniques of creating an effect

Skeuomorphism is being criticize for its UI as ,

  • Its just to an UI to show off ios retina display  
  • Visual noise that distracts users and negatively affect their productivity
  • Functional limitations dictated by the original object may severely harm the user experience
  • Alienating users with an excessive art show 


but on the positive note it has  a a powerfulemotional impact on usersA

Contact management app that looks like an actual address book has more chances of creating  an bond with its users 

This might be the driving force behind users going on it for a long run 

Its advantages

  • It makes the apps more approachable
  • It gives Apple apps a distinctive style
  • it helps tell what this apps is about 

Apple also fired  Scott Forstall who was one of the key element behind  designs mimicking physical objects

It is notable that  skeuomorphic design is that it doesn’t fit Apple’s design aesthetic in so many other apps



there is a lot of argument within designer over the use of Skeuomorphism, User Interface over attractiveness, Distraction over creating a bond .

As User i feel even though the application or interface is not attractive i can use use it if its easy to use  

As a Designer i want to show my full skills and perfection  with user in mind 

On the whole Skeuomorphism with sensible UI in mind is never wrong 

Scott Forstall never was wrong about his version, he did really make an huge impact, 

look at this mega hit i phone music player apps AirCassette , but it lacks functionality , still its a hit 

It depends on where we use it 

Attractive leather pouch apps for sales targets and money management  is really bad idea , on this case simple sleek and clean gradient will work out .


The application’s visuals are one of the major factors in shaping its overall user experience

where as 


  • Users will judge your app by its icon.
  • Users will judge your app by your screenshots

So sensible Skeuomorphism is a great thing for users and Designers

I really feel even if apple has an idea of dropping Skeuomorphism and implemented it , this will never put this pronominal down 

Millions of thousands  have thrived by it will continue to implement it , and its not doubt that if clean  UI and cool Skeuomorphic will be the best combinations of all time