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Facebook Nearby Friends, thing you need to know


Yes you are considered a account and your profile is being traded by the social network .. even your fake profile which you use to spy on other is being traded With Facebook lately had lot of announcement this year than all countries press release combined, but only thing is it was announcing all about itself and its by-product. But the current one is the hottest”Nearby Friends” feature which also marks the beginning of “Your are not alone anymore Era”.
This can be catastrophically advantage or disadvantage to you depending what kind of person are you. One may acclaim about the tremendous way in which the social network will help us to connect people, On looking back at the beginning we have traveled web from an ear where hitting refresh button is too costly to Facebook paper where High End GUI is delivered and we hardly know whats happening when we are using it


Social Engineering in the name of “Location Tracking”  has remarkably changed our lives from delivering instant message from a location based social systems and just by check in a place. Yes it does save lives and get  but it also a bite in you ass if its not used properly as

Agent comic illustration of problem batman family is facing image

Or “The curious case of our Cheatta” who is caught red handed image

Though there are many privacy issues raised by nerdy activist, Internet giants  does’t have no option but to pretend to take action, so they leave the security to you as an option. Since you don’t give a shit about privacy and all you care about unless Facebook and Google free to use…… but this is what is happening image

According to uncles in my area who are very fanatic to whatever they read, the location based alter system has been for millions of ages india 
When Ravan was abducting Sita in his Vimanha she was dropping her Jewelery for Rama to track the pathimage

The current day Sitas can send in whats up status or use women security apps which will trigger alert to Janakar, Jadayu, Lakshman, Barathan, Hunuman and her beloved Raam.


Top 10 women Secuity apps

Facebook recently acquired Glancee  which is a first of the kings to introduce and integrate location tracking and Geo fencing  into business. Glancees founder and current Facebook Product manger Andrea Vaccari feels that the social networks first launched the feature its user wear not engaging with stranger nearby they tend to use this to just catch up with friends .. which is i think is pretty useful when you have situation like thisimage

You have just seen a cute girl on train accompanied by you Ex-s , nerd friends, your ex boss, talkative aunt , your 5 grad school teacher whom you proposed.. How yo reach her you this app 

Yes Facebook this new feature is revolutionary, but so far we have got the public review , they can praise it like notification feature or ditch it like Facebook mobile .. who can predict it  ?image

We chat has also an alternative to it in terms along with mocking Mark Zuckerburg 

But unlike Facebook Paper or Messenger “Nearby Friends” is not an app but a tab inside the Facebook app’s “More” menu.
Tapping Nearby Friends lets you opt in to using the feature, which lets you see which of your friends are nearby, presuming they have also turned on the feature.

User can optionally turn on this feature and it’s notifications, so you and your friends can get a notice when your friends are nearby.

You can set specific friends and friends lists to get these notifications, and it only works if both parties have it enabled.

The new algorithm also allows you to share specific GPS coordinates for a specific time with selected contacts.

For instance if you and your friend are trying to find each other in a concert or a large playground, you can tap the location-arrow button to send a friend your precise location.


If you’ve put Nearby Friends option enabled , Facebook will also send you a push notification if somebody unexpected turns up nearby.


Yes Yes it has advantage over 4 square and i guess twitter commerce will also be on the verge to the same motive , bu the Facebook statistics has 

Most Hidden trick

Location-based advertising,  users to the Geo-location are to get messages about offers and discounts directly to their Facebook smartphones as they walk down a road. Ans its again a revenue model for the social network