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Amateurs Get Angry Professionals Educate Them

As a budding designer i have been always aggressive all through my carrier both personally and professional , as there is in me which always believed that OLIVER REICHENSTEIN words which says " why designer have attitude "


There are pros and cons in it but as a honest professional you should appreciate rational feedback and criticisms as it is part of your world, at the same time a designer needs to speak for him self and sell his product. Evangelism and presentation is also part of designer life. Apart form this i think i learned something valuable from Sunil Menon a very good friend/ Ex- colleague and one of most interesting creative thinkers i have ever met.  About being modest about design and how to be flexible with your feedback eco-system, recently i read an article which almost explains the same logic about being humble yet staying with you attitude of designer and being an optimist without getting into Alert Temper Zone . Its all on how good you are at balancing your attitude and at the same time maintain good review listener  So Here is the article Designer … a must read 

Amateurs Get Angry With Clients. Professionals Educate Them.